What foods should I eat to improve my memory performance?

The memory is the faculty that the brain gives to retain the information that we receive daily. To build up a long term and short term memory, it is a faculty that must be maintained. That said, thanks to certain foods you can do it.

Red fruits

Blueberries, raspberries, berries and strawberries are all classified as red fruits that can help you improve your memory performance. All of them are fruits that come from the flowering of certain species of trees. If you visit our website, you will understand a little about the nutrients available in these fruits. Indeed, these various red fruits mentioned above, contain anthocyanins, natural pigments that positively influence the brain. They have antioxidant and neuroprotective properties that contribute to boost your cognitive functions but also and especially your memory. To benefit from the effectiveness of these fruits, it is recommended to consume two to three servings of these fruits. Besides, grapes have been the subject of numerous studies in some universities. As a result of these researches, it has been revealed that this fruit preserves your memory so that you don't fall victim to memory loss very early. 

Eat eggs and fish

Since breakfast is one of the most important meals to start the day, it is the perfect opportunity to consume your egg ration. Eggs, and in particular egg yolks, contain lutein. Moreover, it is a food rich in choline. This is an enzyme that produces acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that participates in the memorization of information in humans. Clearly, it is necessary to have a substantial dietary intake in order to obtain this amino acid. For a pregnant woman, choline has a major use in the growth of the brain of her fetus. It is an essential element that improves neuronal connections in the fetus. Choline is also present in wheat germ. Lastly, eat fish since it contains omega 3 and omega 6 which are classified in the family of fatty acids that are active elements leading to the proper functioning of the brain and therefore of the memory.