Treatment of kratom addiction

Kratom is an herb used for medicinal purposes. Its downside is that it can lead to the formation of an addiction that destroys a person's life. Addiction treatment services can help you recover by giving up abuse but it is a substance that is still not allowed in some countries.

Features of the plant

The action of Kratom is somewhat similar to that of opiates and yohimbine. To get the action of the narcotic alkaloids of opium, you can use a large enough dose. The herb in question is commonly used to help a person stop taking heavier medications. Click here for more details Despite the positive characteristics, taking Kratom is accompanied by a number of side effects, although it should be noted that the effect is relatively short-lived and wears off 4-5 hours after use. Kratom is actively used in Thailand and Malaysia. It is used as a painkiller to help you cope with hard work or to brighten up a dull, monotonous reality. The plant is eaten to keep you feeling cheerful and full of energy. It is this effect that makes it in demand among addicts.

How does the drug work?

The dosage seriously affects how Kratom powder works on a person. When taken in small amounts, a stimulating effect is observed. A high dose has a relaxing effect and acts as a painkiller. Sometimes the medicine works in the opposite way, each case is different. When taking kratom for the first time, it is important to limit yourself to a small dose to avoid complications. You should choose a quality product, because impurities make the result of the use unpredictable. To achieve the effect, 5 to 10 g of powder is sufficient. When a strong effect is needed or the leaves are used as an analgesic, a higher dose is needed. After consumption, you can expect these effects:
Stimulating effect
Colourful hallucinations appear
Euphoria arises, the desire to retreat with nature
There is a surge of strength and energy, the libido increases
The person becomes more attentive and sociable
The substance soothes, relaxes and helps to relieve pain.