Tips to make your battery last for pc

The battery is an essential accumulator for the long-lasting operation of a computer. Whether internal or external, it is important to maintain it well for optimal use. This article will provide you with some tips to make your battery last.

Clean battery contacts

For cleaning the battery for laptop medion you just have to wet a cloth with alcohol and rub it at the metal edges of the laptop battery. This technique allows the battery to retain its energy capacity. It must also be dusted regularly to avoid rust from these metal edges and therefore avoid inactivity of the battery.

Avoid battery overload

Generally, Li-Ion batteries cannot be overcharged unlike nickel batteries. However, keeping it permanently charged will reduce its effectiveness. It must also be recharged before it discharges completely to avoid damaging it. Similarly, avoid fully recharging a computer's battery, as it could cause it to degrade over time.

Ensure battery energy management

To better manage battery power, you need to turn on the battery saver on your computer, turn off or put the computer to sleep when it is idle. It is also necessary to disable unused ports and reduce the brightness of the computer screen. Reducing running tasks will reduce memory usage and thus prevent battery drain.

Pay attention to the work environment

Extreme temperatures should be avoided, as each battery has a temperature margin to be respected for its proper functioning. To facilitate heat dissipation, the computer must be placed on a solid and regular surface. In addition, soft surfaces are prohibited to avoid fire or overheating.