Some models of cigar humidors

The cigar humidor is a box-shaped accessory whose purpose is to keep a cigar dry. But it is still not obvious to make a good choice of its cigar humidor because of the different models that exist on the market. To do this, we propose in this article some of the most efficient cigar humidors.

The floral foam model

Well known for its quality and efficiency, the floral foam cigar humidor is the most representative and very old. To have more details on the different categories of humidors, check this out. Indeed, it is a model that can be found in most shops, especially since it has become a standard accessory. Usually called "Oasis foam", it is packaged in plastic containers with slots or holes to ensure humidity. Many people are interested in this type of product not only because of its performance, but also because of its convenient use. First of all, it is filled in four stages, the first of which consists of putting distilled water or an activator solution inside until the level reaches and overflows the foam. Next, wait a few minutes for the drip to be absorbed by the foam before turning it upside down to empty the excess drip. Finally, just close your container after placing it inside the humidor and you're done. It is often advisable to refill a floral foam cigar humidor every 7 to 15 days to keep your cigars in good condition.

Crystal gel models

When it comes to super absorbents, the crystal gel humidifier is the best. It is a polymer that works in the same way as the floral foam cigar humidor as far as loading is concerned. The advantage of opting for this type of humidor is that it is capable of absorbing water up to 500 times the weight of the crystals without deteriorating. With this model, you do not need an activator solution to soak it. It is already pre-treated with propylene glycol which promotes wetting