How to use anti-DDos protection to secure your server or website?

DDoS attacks are one of the most recurrent threats to company websites and web applications. To counter this problem, anti-DDos protection is of great importance. Find out in this article how you can use this protection to secure your sites and servers. It is an adoption of anti-DDos protection at the core of your computer networks and an adoption of the protection of this same tool at the core of the information system.

Adopting anti-DDos protection at the core of your IT networks

Anti-DDos protection helps counter the various DDos attacks that alter the operation of your websites, applications etc. Read this article to the end for the perfect explanation of DDoS protection. This protection mechanism, which is placed upstream in the backbone of your telecom operators, makes it possible to counter so-called volumetric attacks. Indeed, it is a more advanced way of countering DDoS threats. This type of anti-DDos protection designed for IT service providers uses IP addresses to carry out its defensive role. It filters IP addresses to reduce suspicious and risky traffic. Upon detection of suspicious traffic, the defence system alarms and implements a mitigation mechanism blocking access to suspicious signals.

Adopt anti-DDos protection at the heart of your information system

This is used by companies to protect their information systems. This system is used to counter application attacks. These are attacks targeting the sites and applications of companies. Examples include servers and e-commerce platforms. It is therefore the company's duty to seek out the best cybersecurity specialists to set up and configure the appropriate defence system. Nowadays, computer security has become a global issue. This is due to the fact that the daily impact of computers in our lives is enormous. Businesses, industries and service companies all need computer security to exist today. Adopt this protection for the security of your IT package.