Former Golf number one, Tiger Woods suffer a car crash, hospitalized

Golf great, Tiger Woods had a nasty accident in Los Angeles, and he is in surgery. He had to be helped out of his car by firefighters and medics. 

Tiger Woods car crashed in LA, due to surgery 

Tiger Woods has suffered great injuries in a crash in Los Angeles. He was undergoing surgery after suffering many injuries. The county section in Los Angeles said it received a call that a vehicle had rolled over, and it responded swiftly. 

The 16-time golf champion 44, had to be removed from the wreck, by firefighters and medics. The County boss, Alex Villanueva stated that Tiger Woods was conscious when he was rescued. He also said there wasn't proof he was impaired during the accident. The Star was driven immediately to the Harbor medical center in UCLA. 

Mr woods agent, Mark Steinberg said he was undergoing surgery and was responding well. He was last seen at the Riviera country club in Los Angeles on Saturday which was hosted by Genesis. During a news conference, the fire department boss Darryl Osby said he was retrieved from a 2021 Genesis luxury SUV with the aid of a bar and ax.

Legs seriously fractured and expected to be out for a while 

'' We were made to understand he suffered serious injuries to both legs, however, he is alive and responding to surgery. ''

He said the location of the accident was a slippery area where many accidents occur. According to Carlos Gonzalez, he wasn't able to stand on his own when retrieved before he was removed from the vehicle. 

His close friend and world number three Thomas  Justin was almost in tears when he heard about the news he hoped his pal is out of surgery very soon. Also, the PGA commissioner James Monohan has said the entire PGA wishes Tiger safe recovery and back on the court. Tiger has seen a dip in form since his divorce from his wife, however, in recent years he has picked up.