Artemisia: what is it?

Many people prefer to use medical drugs and neglect traditional one. Artemisia is one of the traditional treatments that is helpful. Discover here, what is artemisia. And how can it be used?

What is the artemisia?

It is an annual plant that comes from China. In Madagascar, a country of Africa, Artemisia is cultivated. This plant is very useful in the field of health. In many countries this plant is not correctly used. Instead of taking it seriously and using it to treat themselves, people use it as ornament in their house. Find more information on
Artemisia is a plant that has medical virtues. It is not because its value is neglected in some countries that in others it is not taken seriously. Artemisia has been used to heal malaria perfectly. There are even some rumors which said that this plant can be used to treat Covid-19. Imagine that the treatment for the pandemic that strikes the world is in your house as ornament.

How is this plant used?

Artemisia can be used as a herbal tea. You will just have to dry the leaves and boil them with water. You can use it in case of fever or rheumatism. To keep yourself in good shape especially if you live in Africa where malaria disturbed, don't hesitate to drink it every day. Don't wait to be sick before taking it.
The second way the plant can be used is as essential oil. If you have sores in your leg, for example, you will have to put the oil on it. This can be done twice a day. It is also possible to mix artemisia essential oil with your cream. This is possible only if your body cream does not contain complex substances. The essential oil must be used with moderation to avoid having secondary effects.